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Friday, June 13, 2008

kitty: Japanese Craft Book - 9784895112529

Japanese Craft Books - Amazon Jp - 9784895112529

Thread Play Book 1 (Avril)
36 pages - 2007/09
ISBN-13: 978-4895112529

I think one of the biggest problems with Habu / Avril yarns is that people have a lot of trouble envisioning what to make with them.

HABU Addict symptoms:

1) Walk into yarn store
2) Oh and Ah over the new hanks of HABU
3) Run to the counter in excitement with one or two hanks, thinking that you life will not be complete without said new yarn
4) You place it on your yarn stash - that yarn glow continues
5) Happy Bliss Contiues as you stroke your new find
6) The glow fades and you realize once again ... What the heck will I ever do with said hanks of yarn? What was I ever thinking when I bought said yarn?

Avril I think realized this with the creation of these little 500yen books. Each project takes only a small amount of fiber and each one uses something different. So atleast you have some small project to make you happy while step 5 is in full effect.

The projects are simple; hats, finger knitting, tank tops, bags, knit collars, scarves, and shawls. You get a full picture diagram on how to finger knit and it is used in several hats and a scarf.

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