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Thursday, June 12, 2008

kitty: Hiya Hiya 9 inch circular needles - Needle News

Hiya Hiya - 9inch Bamboo Needles

Some of you may remember how I ranted and raved about the old Clover plastic needles way back when. I absolutely treasure those needles and I was so sad when I heard they were discontinued. I had always hoped they would bring the entire line into the country. I even stopped by the Clover booth to talk to both the Japanese and the US representatives about those needles and the interchangeable needles MG has always wanted.

So much to my surprise when I stopped by the Hiya Hiya booth they showed me there new needle. A little 9 inch bamboo or stainless circular. I was really hesitant to even try the needles since I have to say I am not a big fan of Hiya Hiya needles. The tips are usually to blunt and since the needle is hallow I am always afraid I will just crush the needle.

Then I picked up the bamboo needle. It is heaven. I stood there and knitted 10 rows just talking to the US sales person. I was so happy they even come in small sizes so perfect for socks. So the needles themselves are not perfect, the tips are a little scratchy and the points are just ok. But the size is just perfect and look at those little needles who wouldn't think they are cute.

One online shop and another one that MG found that carries them.


  1. Great news! Bamboo points are very easy to sharpen with an emery board or fine sandpaper. Gotta get one and try it.

  2. I love these needles!!!!! I'm from COlorado and heard from my mom that cirs come in 9" and I was OMG I have to have a pair. Well I borught 4 pair which are being used on sock patterns and did I mention they are GREATTTTT for socks!!!! I LOVE THEM !!! I just hope they never discontin them.

  3. I am a huge fan of 9" circulars for socks. I work at a yarn shop, and I swear, folks have bought some just to shut me up! I have always prefered steel over bamboo, but finally broke down and used the bamboo for the cuff of a second sock and liked them almost as well. I gave a workshop to my spinning guild in using the 9 inchers last night, most seemed to like them, a few were in love. Thinking I might need to experiment with mittens on them next.

  4. Can I in general substitute a 9-inch circular for dps?

  5. Do you know where to find Them in 6 mm?