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Monday, June 30, 2008

kitty: Tatting and RPG's??? who knew

Beginning Tatting : C214 Spouses Craft room - Learn this age old but currently little known form of lace work. Part of the Spouse & Family Program event track

That's right, Beginning Tatting was taught this year in the Spouse track at Origins. Who knew that Tatting and RPG's would be found in the same convention. I was so shocked I had to sign up for the class.

I also had one other amazement over the weekend, I meet Knitterly Thing at Origins. That's right the creator of Vesper yarn. (WOW) Though I spaced out who she was when I meet her and it wasn't until MG went, that is Vesper did it dawn on me. Less than 10 hours of sleep over 5 days will do it to you. She was super sweet and on her way looking for other yarn shops when I ran into her, but how cool is that!!!!! VESPER :)


  1. Oh, but wait until you get familiar with the tatting community! You won't think it's a dying art or little known craft anymore.

    :-) Gina

  2. A new hobby, eh? I am curious to see what you'll do tatting-wise. Any cute Japanese books on the subject?

  3. Good for you for learning. I'm looking forward to more posts on tatting, I'd also like to see what you do. To answer Francesca's question I happen to have a couple of tatting books from Japanese authors. Some are available in Japanese. You could try www.hhtatting.com I'm pretty sure she has some.