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Monday, July 14, 2008

kitty: handspuns

So I really didn't know how much time I would have to actually participate in Le Tour de Fleece. I signed up on Ravelry, but the reality was that I thought I would just be watching from afar. I don't have that much to add to the competition, but here is my little entry.
100% Baby Alpaca
about 260 yards
Baby Alpaca top that I hand carded due to how matted and how much VG was in the top. I bought it the first year that I went to MS&W.
75% Alpaca
25% Wool
about 150 yards
I bought it at MS&W the second year.

I worked it out to where I pre-drafted the fleece and separated them into 5 minute piles. This way when I went to get a soda or water downstairs I could spin for 5 minutes before getting back to work.

Both of these are off to Mia for her niece project she is working on. Undoubtly these projects also have proven that I am definately allergic to Alpaca.

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