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Sunday, August 24, 2008

kitty: as the olympics draw to an end... I leave you with socks for T

item #: Vegetarian Socks for T
content: Green Corn - 95% Corn Husk, 5% Vegetarian Elastic (Vegetable Dye)
price: $28.00
Manufacturer: Iowa State County Extension Office
Size: 8 Narrow

These sock are kind of odd. The yarn is very loosely spun. If you had to rip the yarn, it pretty much was useless afterwards. It came in two little balls and I ended up with about 3 feet extra. I was really terrified I was going to run out.

It is interesting that they were made from the waste of the corn industry, just the husk and cobs. I thought they would make great gym socks since they are pretty padded.

These socks are off to T (Mia's niece), but they are very special MG helped me with the ribbing on the first one. So they are truly a gift from Knitbuddies.

And as the Olympics end, I leave you with synchronized begging. Audrey and Kattie will be sad to see the olympics have end. Because the Taiwanese feast of food is coming to an end as we fixed British tea and fruit crumpets to bring in the thoughts of 2012. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!!!!
There are many things that I will remember about the Olympics, most of which are not positive. M's post pretty much summed up my feelings. So I will leave it to him to post this time.


  1. Nice socks...adorable kitties.

  2. They arrived today just in time for the first day of school. She knows about them and is excited about them. Hopefully I will see her tomorrow and will get you some shots of them on her feet. She will be thanking you very soon.

    Now how do you feel about knitting some for big foot? Don't worry I feel the same way. He can buy his.