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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

kitty: thinking of fall

(Bulletin board made of images from multiple designers runway show photos; Chanel, Missoni, Y3, Akris, Alexander McQueen, Jean Paul Gaultier, Yohji Yamamoto, and Pantone fashion colours for fall 208)

Have you started to think about your fall knitting yet?

Weather has been so crazy here in the midwest that fall seems like it may have already started. Or at least a girl can hope, these cool nights are mightily delightful.

You know one thing that really always kind of bothers me about knitting patterns each season is that they really are not representing what is on the runway. Lately there have been so many amazing runway knitted items that I have longed for something similar. Not so much a knock off per say but something full of unique texture, brilliant colour combinations, and new TECHNIQUES!

It seems that the colours in the stores also really don't represent the pantone colour sets for the given season. It seems like a lot of the designs that are in the new knitting books are using the same stitch patterns or the same textural combinations. It makes me sad, look at all the historical stitch patterns and techniques that are waiting to be used.

One of my local knitting stores has been cleaning out there old Vogue Knitting magazines in the stock room and I flipped through them recently. The styles are dated, but they had brilliant designs. Complicated designs that are full of unusual techniques and designed by leading designers of the day. Maybe I am just feeling that a lot of the current patterns are just becoming more mass produced. There are gems out there and I certainly keep buying patterns from several companies and indie designers, but those gems are getting harder to find.

On a side note: If you are in the DC area, Olga of Knit Creations of a Curious Mind / Olgajazzy is teaching a Runway Knits - Knitting designer sweaters this fall. I wish I lived closer to DC. It is truly awesome to see classes coming out about runway patterns. I only wish I could take the class.
Also check out her cute new hat pattern.... (the photo is from her site and used with permission)

A few of my favorites...
Marcella kimono sweater
Zigzag beanie hat
Jean Paul Gaultier
Cable Knit Skirt
Jean Paul Gaultier
Long Cardigan


  1. I like the Missoni hat.. that looks like it would be really easy to duplicate. I've been thinking about fall knitting a lot lately even though its still in the high 80's here in GA and we've probably got another month of summer.
    I'm eyeing up a few Anthro pieces as we speak, and looking for patterns that are similar.

  2. I don't pay much attention to fashion, so I just knit patterns that I have found appealing over the years. Don't much care for the colors this year, though.

  3. most of the knitting patterns out lately have just been more of the same, people are doing math for others instead of designing.

    I'm definitely looking forward to fall and started knitting already.

  4. I totally agree. I bought some vintage VKs from the 40s and 50s. I was amazed at the techniques that have fallen by the wayside. I remember one issue of VK from the 70s that was devoted to architectural knitting design. The patterns are too "Dynasty" to wear now, what with the broad shoulders and shoulder pads, but the designs were innovative. I worry that VK today is morphing into IK, but they have to stay in business, I guess. Like Fleegle, many knitters don't care about fashion, but many would knit more technically challenging things if they felt they had the skill, I think. VK publishes an array of patterns from beginning to advanced - they could use their website to illustrate the less frequently used and advanced techniquies but I suppose that costs money too. But having said all that, Setsuko Torii's designs are simple, deceptively so. There are a lot of technicians around, but not a lot of artists. Are the ones that are around finding it hard to get published?