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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

kitty: work in progress - Missoni Inspired Hat

item #: Missoni Inspired Hat - Work in progress
content: Paternayan Persian Wool 100% Wool
price: $8.00
Manufacturer: Ellsa Williams

Since I didn't have any internet connection on Monday I essentially had the day off. The roads around the house were closed due to down trees and no street lights so I spent the afternoon knitting. It was such a rare and luxurious afternoon of JDrama and HK Action flicks and two FO's.

I have long been obsessed with Missoni for a couple of seasons so since I had some time off I decided to sit down and see if I could figure out there stitch patterns. So I sat down and started to swatch and swatch. I was able to distinguish a couple of the patterns and started on a hat. Well this ended up being my giant swatch.

The yarn is pretty horrible to knit with and is way to stiff for a slouchy beret, but it is a start and for $8.00 I don't have a huge investment in yarn for a swatch.


  1. You needed the break. And the hat turned out nicely. Hopefully you remembered to write down the pattern for your "swatch."

    But there is something wrong with that camera you are holding. There is just something wrong is all I will say.