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Thursday, September 18, 2008

kitty: ridges of happiness completed

item #: Happy Ridges
Pattern: My Own designed inspired by Akris designs
content: 2 strands of lace weight Cashmere about 275grams
Needles: 3.5mm
price: $30.00
Manufacturer: Colourmart

How do I love the... new sweaters let me count the ways....

1) So Soft
2) Great Colour
3) Great Texture
4) Feels so good on the body
5) A true prize when your knitting future is in question
6) Total love....

The sweater is knitted in the round, with fake seams on the sides. The sleeves are knitted as part of the body so there is only a seam along the bottom of the sleeve with a grafted shoulder. So only two seams for the sweater.

See that smile.... This sweater just makes me happy...

Ok... Sorry for the truly bad photos, but I couldn't get my husband to take them and I don't know how to use his camera. I know it has a timer, but darn if I could figure it out. So you get mirror photos for now until I can figure it out.

kitty: thoughts of the design processes
kitty: happy ridges


  1. It looks cozy! And you have a sparkling smile :)

  2. yey for happy sweater and for a happy smile, Pris!
    Love it!!

  3. what a great knit ~ and you look so cute in it too!

    nice to 'see' you, kittykitty ;)

  4. I love it, and I am very happy to see that I am not the only crazy person knitting fine cashmere with small needles. :)

  5. That looks like a great sweater! Fits you very well too!

  6. beauuutiful lines! it looks super chic on you. i love it. especially the neck and shoulders.

  7. Great sweater! I love fine gauge sweaters - you must knit like the wind!

  8. I love it! Great inspiration and beautiful results!

    - MJ