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Friday, October 31, 2008

kitty: Columbus Boo at the Zoo, Happy Halloween - Gibbons

Happy Halloween to one and all!!!!

Halloween is definitely my all time favorite holiday. So doing fun Halloween events mean a lot to me. Not that I normally take the time to do anything, this year was different. Maybe it is the realization that really life is to short to not do things you enjoy and love. So during this week I have gotten to share a little bit of the laughs at Boo at the Columbus Zoo. It had been years since my husband I have gone to the zoo and we thoroughly enjoyed every minute. So I leave you with the photos of a Gibbons really enjoying his treat.

If you want to see the rest of the zoo photos; click here

Oh.... is that a treat for me....
Lets see what the zoo keeper brought today
What a handy carved hole they left me
A piece of lettuce... munch munch munch
A piece of apple... munch munch munch
some grass... bleck what a waste of space
More grass
Now how can I get to the good stuff
Now we are in business.. Success
So... go enjoy your own Halloween Treats... Nothing more to see here today...

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