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Sunday, November 23, 2008

kitty:back to weaving again

Last year was the xmas of Orenburg shawls somehow I was able to churn out 7 of them before Christmas. This year I really hope to weave something for friends. We will see though. Weaving is a lot harder on the back and it has really been bothering me lately.

Cotton Place mats woven with a thick and thin cotton threads.

Warp: Lime 8/4 Cotton & Lime 20/2 Cotton
Weft: Lime 20/2 Cotton

Thanks Kirsten....

My new buttons that I purchased from Assemblage arrived. Audrey thinks they are perfect new play toys.

She still has a few for sale on her etsy page. They are really lovely, particularly the timber ones.


  1. Pretty!!! But don't hurt your back.

  2. I love the weaving! I really need to warp up my loom again...

  3. Ooh.. pretty! I love the buttons in the link as well.. I'm a total button addict.