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Sunday, December 28, 2008

kitty: finding a bit of your history

Stitches in Time
By Sue Bradley

Paperback (May 1992) ISBN-10: 0713722770
Hardbound (1986) ISBN-10: 0805000429

There will always be books that will shape your knitting hobbies. For me this probably was the book from my childhood that I remember the most. Though followed by an old Issue of Filatura di crosa (Issue 10) back when there designs were utterly amazing. I would spend days dreaming of making just about all the sweaters in the book. Though for some reason I never did make anything in the book sadly.

The book contains over 70 historically inspired knitwear designs that span Egyptian sweaters, Medieval leggings, Cavalier cardigans, Victorian Sailor wear, to Flapper coats, and Grecian Tunics. The book defines the historical elements that they were driving the inspiration from at the beginning of each chapter, followed by the patterns, and then sketches/swatches of how to modernize the pattern.

Then yesterday when I was at a lys on there discount table of books I saw a copy of the book again. I quickly snatched it up with pure delight.

In my youth I would have had no problems leaving the house in any of the sweaters in the book, but I fear with age I am not sure I would have the balls to do it even if the patterns were in my size. I truly love the book. It has brought back so many thoughts and dreams that once muddled in a young girls mind. I really can not believe that I was able to find another copy.




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