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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

kitty: I think we can all use some luck for the coming year

Good Luck for New Years...

Have you ever thought of the different New Years traditions. M and I went out to our favorite Japanese Restaurant tonight and got to talking to the owners about New Year Traditions for good luck. So here were some of the ones that the patrons came up with during the conversation. With the state of the economy and problems in the world I figure any extra luck for the year to come makes sense.

USA South: Eating Pork and Black eye peas
(You eat pork because a pig routes forward moving itself into the future and not looking back to the past. It is unlucky to eat Chicken during the new year since chicken scratch backwards and looks back to thing that you can not change.

Now you may be asking why for Black Eyed Peas, well it generally though to date back to the Civil War. It was the only food left for the surviving Confederates after Sherman's troops destroyed or stole other crops. So this humble black eyed pea was all that was left, thus it was offered as a symbol of luck and prosperity that the year ahead will be bountiful.)

Greens and Peas : The peas represent coins and the greens paper money

Greens, Peas, and Cornbread: Cornbread represent gold

Putting a shinny penny in the pot of beans before they are served. Then the person who receives the coin has good luck for the year.

Japanese: Eating long noodles

Ringing the bells 108 times to chase away 108 troubles and after each gong you are suppose to chuckle to drive away the bad spirits.

Chinese: Eating Noodles, Dumplings, and Long Leaf Vegetables for long life

In the pork dumpling a shiny coin is placed in one dumpling and the person who finds the coin has good luck for the year.

Drinking a little liquor which symbolizes longevity

Denmark: Throwing old plates at your friends' house with the belief that broken china means more friends.
England: The first visitor on that day brings you good or bad luck
Sicily Italy: Plate of lasagna
Venezuela: Woman wear yellow underwear inside out for good luck
Brazil: Jump over seven waves and make a wish after jumping each one. They also throw flowers into the water as an offering to the sea
Scotland: Hogmanay - This involves being the first person to cross the threshold of a friend or neighbor and bringing symbolic gifts such as Salt, Coal, Shortbread, Whisky, and black buns. It is believed the first foot sets the luck, so you want it to be a large hearty foot to set the luck. Particularly a man with dark hair since he is assumed to be fellow Scott.

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  1. ooh, those are some great new years traditions! I might give a couple of those a try... but not the brazilian one- I think you have to live near the ocean for that one to work!

    - Julie