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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

MG: Malabrigo sock

sock one and one fifth

hubby has a routine when visiting yarn stores with me. he heads straight for sock yarns, picks out the enticing ones, and brings them over for discussion: is this machine washable? will these colors stripe? is this the same yarn as his xyz pair? he'll then choose one for his "socks-to-be" stash with all manners of childlike delight, which makes me want to furnish him with a small mountain of handknit socks.

last time we were at Yarnique in Fairborn, they had just gotten some Malabrigo sock, so hubby picked out a skein of purply grape and wine hues. i always struggle a bit working with variegated yarn and swatched quite a few bias stitch patterns. nothing was quite right, so i somehow settled on purl ridges spaced in stocking stitch.


  1. I really enjoy how the ridges break up the colourway of the yarn. They allow the eye to rest on the ridge vs the possible pooling that you and I both hate.

    The pattern also at least to me has an organic feeling. I really like the stitch you chose.

  2. Lovely and masculine, too. Love Malabrigo sock yarn too!