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Monday, June 29, 2009

kitty: celtic knotwork bracelet - class by Loren Damewood

Project: Celtic Knotwork Bracelet
Material: Fine Gauge Silver, Chop Stick, Doll Needle, Nail Board
Completion time: 2.5 hours
Teacher: Loren Damewood

The last five days have been pretty crazy at a convention here in Columbus, but I did have the great fortune to take a Celtic Knotwork Class using Sterling Silver wire over the weekend. A little escape in what has been known as the wife track at the convention.

Loren Damewood has been tieing knots since he was a young boy when his brother came back from military services. Once he retired from the aerospace industry in 2006 he started traveling to shows teaching and selling Celtic knot work jewlery and chain mail.

Last year when I was taking the tatting class at the convention I saw him tieing cotton Turk Head knots and was really fascinated by the craft. Here is his online tutorial on how to make them.

The class was really the highlight of the convention. I now just need to find where to buy the wire and get a surgical clamp. I am so ready to make more.


  1. wow, I can't believe you made that!! It's utterly gorgeous.

    - Julie

  2. That's amazing! My head whirls at the thought of trying to do that! Did you see my post on Celtic fonts? Oh, do make the dragonfly in silver wire...it would be amazing.

  3. that's so pretty! that reminds me i haven't worn my trinity ring forever :)


  4. This bracelet is gorgeous!

  5. Another beauty! I think you have a whole new career.