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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

kitty: dreams do come true

Ysolda's Book Signing at WonderKnits

Ok... This may sound really corny, but here goes..."Dreams Really Do Come True." In the blog world there are bloggers that you always hope that you will have the honor to meet, Ysolda has always been one of those bloggers for me. Tonight I had the honor to meet her at WonderKnits on her Whimsical Little Knits US Book Tour.

I have always been a huge fan of her designs and thoroughly enjoyed reading when ever she posted on her blog. Though I haven't made a lot of her patterns the ones I have made have always turned out well and have been really easy to understand and follow.

A Special Thanks to Libby and all the people who were involved in the Book Signing. It was to amazingly cool! THANK YOU

See the full set of photos

Signing the copies that I bought.  
Other fans who came to the book signing.
Libby taking a break
Thank you again...


  1. Yey! So happy you got a chance to meet Ysolda and have fun!! She is an amazeball all in one!

  2. yay!! how exciting. look at all those cute Liesls together. and i spy a certain little cameo. :)

  3. I just broke down and bought Liesl the other day because I HAD to have one. I would love to meet Ysolda - unfortunately the large LYS that she would visit isn't anywhere close to me. Congrats on getting to meet her!

  4. Oh how awesome! I would have loved to meet Ysolda too -- hooray for dreams coming true!