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Monday, June 15, 2009

kitty: indie shoppe - a garden

Etsy: A Garden

Content: Coconut Shell, Wood, Mother of Pearl, & Jade

Would I buy again: Yes

Shipping: From China


Anyone who either knits or sews has run into the hardship of finding good buttons for there project. Particularly people who are obsessed with Habu fibers due to there frailty of the fiber. It is just so hard to find buttons in the US.

Olga aimed me the link to "A Garden" on etsy the other night because she though the buttons and fabric looked a lot like Lin-net. The jade buttons took me over the limit and somehow my shopping cart had 5 buttons in the card before I knew it. I am so happy I did. The prices are cheap and the quality is high. The coconut buttons are beyond a bargain price at 25 buttons for $2.50. Especially since Habu sells a similar button for $1.50 each. Though I will say the mother of pearl butterflies are a little thin and could only be used for embroidery decoration vs a button per say.

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