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Sunday, June 07, 2009

kitty: memories of my childhood

(Photo taken by M; Park of Roses, Columbus, OH)

Dainty Bess Rose..

There are few flowers that have as much meaning to me as the Dainty Bess Rose. Before my time my grandparents were members of the Rose Society in the 50's.

My mother tells stories of going and picking up petals that had fallen into the beds and knocking off bugs into cans of gasoline to prevent them from eating my grandfather's roses every day.

My grandfather was very passionate about Petit Point in his latter years of life, and the last project that he worked on before his eyesight was just to bad, was of Dainty Bess. So Dainty Bess Roses will always make me think of him setting on the edge of the couch with two magnifying glasses, silk canvas, dmc threads, little gold scissors, and giant blown up photographs that he had taken of his roses.

(One of his larger stitch count works)  

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  1. thank you for sharing! i really enjoyed your photoshoot at the rose garden :)

    and i love the new look of your blog!!