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Monday, June 08, 2009

kitty: indie fibers - barefoot shepherdess

Naturally Dyed Polwarth Top, sakura 5 & 3
Naturally Dyed Silk Roving, safflower 2

Blog: Cosmopolitan Purls
Etsy: Barefoot Shepherdess

Fiber: Polwarth Top Silk
Colour: Sakura (Collected leaves from the park last fall) and Pink Safflower
Natural Dyes: Sakura, Safflower, Madder, Onion Skins, Cochineal

Would I buy again: Yes, and I have

Truly beautiful fiber and it spins like a dream.

Check out what MG got me for my Bday! I opened up this magical box from Japan, and inside was three bundles of lovely fiber. She had been reading Cosmopolitan Purls blog for awhile and decided to order the fiber from her etsy site.

The fiber is beautifully prepared, has lots of natural crimp, spinning was extremely easy. And to top it all off, who could resist fiber that had been dyed from sakura leaves. I definitely have a weakness for natural dyes and the beauty they possess.

With all the indie dyers out there it has really become hard to know who produces beautiful work. This is definitely one to check out in the future. Her work is really well done and the colours are absolutely amazing.


  1. Gorgeous! Mouthwatering!

  2. I usually go for strong colores, but your fibers are lovely. Imagine dyed with Sakura leaves! I'll have to check out her store...

  3. i'm so glad you love it. yay.
    the colors and fibers really are beautiful, aren't they?