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Friday, November 13, 2009

kitty: Habu AOS-34 Fishnet Yarn

Habu Textile: AOS-34 fishnet yarn
content: 100% linen with persimmon tannin coating
yardage: 27 yds./oz.
weight: chunky
Source: Indonesia
Gauge: 2.5st to 1 inch on US13/ 9mm

It is funny how one yarn in your mind can stand apart and over time signifies a company to you. The Fishnet Yarn at Habu would be that yarn for me and probably closely followed by there linen paper.

When I first visited the Habu, there was a net hanging from one of the shelves on the wall when you went through to the yarn room. And next to it was a small basket that contained at that time small hanks of the Japanese Silk Fishnet yarns. Holding and fondling the yarn balls gave me an almost magical surreal experience of total amazement. I was already luck enough to have one ball since MG had given me a ball for Christmas the year before. But here they were all set waiting for someone to do something with them.

The yarn is created by taking handmade linen fishing nets that can no longer be used; then cutting them apart and then retieing them into long fragile strings. The fishing nets themselves are made out of Linen that is treated with persimmon tannin, which creates a waterproof coating on the thread. Persimmon Dye (Kakishibu) is made from the fermented juice of unripe persimmons and requires no mordant. Like Indigo it is activated by air and sunlight darkening with exposure. But Kakishibu is more than just a dye it was also used as a preservative, water proofing agent, and an adhesive in traditional textiles. It is even used to clarify sake and stain wood.

The Original yarn that Avril/Habu offered was source from Japan and was made out of Silk.

Since November is Vestember, I had been really thinking about using the thread as a decorative texture combined with traditional Guernsey stitches in a chunky heavy lanolin wool, but I think the yarn is just to fragile to be used in worn textiles. Knitting just a small swatch, the yarn broke 6 times, 2 of which were after the row had been knitted.

So I am not sure what to use the yarn again. It still has a magical effect on me and I am just mesmerized by the yarn, but what to do with it. Guess it will go back in the stash box for yet another day. And my long thought out perfect vest idea is squashed.



What is Persimmon Tannin Juice?

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  1. what texture! looking forward to seeing what you do with it.