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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

kitty: fireplace retreats

We have broken the record here in Columbus for continuous snowy days, 17 days and counting. I also think that the grumpiness meter is also growing with just about everyone I am talking with on a daily basis. Prime example of people not dealing with cold, gray, snowy days.

So I have been trying to take small retreats in front of the fireplace. Lots of cream tea and even some home made cookies to cheer me up. I haven't really been able to knit much since I injured my hand in London. Last night I tried to knit a little on Mia's very late Christmas gift. She already knows about it, but here is a little sneak peak. It will be a well traveled shawl.


  1. That looks cozy! We are freezing down here too :(

  2. That looks beautiful! What yarn are you using? I like how shiny it is and how well it shows off the pattern.

  3. oh, Im so jealous of your fireplace! Im demanding that our next place have one.

    sorry your hand is hurt, but at least you have cookies and tea :)

    hope you get a bit of the warm up later this week