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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

kitty: I can dream

Ahh.... if there was only more time in the world to study all the things I really love and want to learn. I would seriously consider signing up for a tour I just found out about that is being put together by SFS Tours with Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada (Her flickr account)
Information taken directly from The World Shibori Network Website

Arimatsu, Nagoya, Kyoto, Miyama, Kiryu, Tokyo
May (21) 22 – June 7, 2010
Proposed Itinerary & price - Sign-up

Details: Arimatsu for 7 days; Kiryu for 2 day; Tokyo 4 days; Kyoto 2 days; picturesque rural village with a natural indigo dyer. The first weekend in June is the annual Shibori Fest along the old Tokaido, located in the traditional shibori center of Arimatsu. The Shibori Fest, the area’s most important festival of the year, draws people from all over the country who travel just to attend this lively celebration. The town and its leaders are delighted to invite the SFS group into their community during this bustling, exciting time of year. SFS is encouraged to get involved with & up close to the local traditions, celebrations, and preparations: sit in on music rehearsals, help decorate floats, observe food preparations, etc. Among the tour highlights: a shibori workshop designed for SFS members to learn from and exchange creatively with local master artisans; an opportunity to exhibit your experimental creative works at the Shibori Fest; learning from an acclaimed master dyer of natural indigo; absorbing the natural beauty of a unique, thatched-roof village (a designated National Treasure preservation area); experiencing traditional ryokan (inn) and Japanese onsen (baths). WSN web members given priority registration and discount. Limited capacity. Interested? Email: yoshiko [at] yoshikowada.com, subject “SFS Tour: ARIMATSU” "

I can only dream... sounds amazing.... At least I can pass it on to spread the awareness if you are able to go...

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  1. Yeah, I'd love to go too! fleegle is still asleep, clutching the can of Raid in her hand. Hope she wakes up in a good mood!