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Thursday, January 07, 2010

kitty: Haapsalu Shawl - Haapsalu Sall

Estonian Version
Publisher - Saara kirjastus(Saarakiri OÜ)

Annotation: A glorious, coffee-table size book of knitted lace, Estonia and a binding love between the two. Not a simple pattern book, and certainly not a project book, but a time capsule into a far off world where the soul of a people is captured in the hands that guide the needles to create the indigenous patterns of a rich heritage. The photography capturing this world is rich and the drawings and charts make the techniques and patterns close to a hands-on learning experience.

Per the publisher site:

"Ordering books in english
We are glad to pronounce that now you can buy our lovely book of “Haapsalu sall” by Siiri Reimann and Aime Edasi. To order a book, drop an email to our manager of international sales (tiina@saara.ee) with your exact wishes. "

I am itching for there other books - Click Here

If you are in love with lace knitting, it isn't to late to pre-order a copy of Haapsalu Shawl's from Knit & Purl. There are some rumors that there will only be 300 copies of the book printed in English. This is a translation from the original version which was written in Estonian and is out of print.

My Copy came on Monday and I haven't stopped reading it and looking through the photos. I have even used one of the patterns in another textured shawl recipe shawl I am making for a christmas gift that I am really late on.


Unlike Nancy Bush book on Knitted Lace of Estonia: techniques, Patterns and Traditions, that was published in 2008, this is not a project book per say. It is a stitch dictionary of traditional designs with some very basic instructions on how the patterns were used in a few historical designs.

The book is laid out with a brief history of the town and the knitters. There is a collection of reproduced historical photographs of the knitters of the area past and present. The next section is an outline of the techniques that will be needed to accomplish the art. There are wonderful drawings, photographs and the keys to the charts. It even clearly shows you how to build a lace frame and how to stretch your project.

The stitch Library (More than 100 Lace Patterns) is then divided by themes. Variations of Lily of the valley motif, leaves/twigs, money, and large motifs that are shown in shawls. There is a mix of nupps, cables, crossed stitches, and patterned holes. Then there is an extensive section on lace edgings.

The charts and images are very clear and easy to follow.

I have pretty much been in love with Estonian Lace for awhile and I have posted several post about the cast on and structure in previous post. ( Thoughts on Square Shawl - Estonian Lace ) I really hope I have the honor to take one of Nancy Bush's classes on the subject some day. But until then, I will treasure this english stitch dictionary for my records. The books is absolutely beautiful and though the price is high for the book I feel it is more than worth the price.


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New Estonian Book in JP

Estonian Lace! Seto Lace & Haapsalu Lace

エストニアで習ったレース—マフラー、リストウォーマー、ポーチetc. (大型本)

by 林 ことみ

Amazon jp

My Copy just arrived, but I haven't had time to study it or read it.


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  1. I bought the book in Estonian, and am surely not going to purchase it in English. Grrr. It's lovely, isn't it?