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Saturday, January 02, 2010

kitty: 2010 a new decade begins & 2009 draws to an end

After looking at the collection of FO's for this past year I kind of feel like a slacker. My List of FO's is pretty short sadly. I am really not sure how 2009 just flew past me. So many projects were planned, but sadly they are still on paper and this is all that came to light. I am on a complete yarn and fiber diet until I clean out 2 of the bins from the closet. So I had better get busy. Time is a wasting.

The Goal for me this year to come is to fill this blog with lots of new FO's and more informative post for the blog.

I also just wanted to say Thank You to all the friends who are still reading this blog. This year has been a pretty rough year here at Knitbuddies. We have shared a lot of happy memories together and sad ones as well.

It has been really hard continuing to post since MG left. Somehow it is a lot harder with out her here. I still just really miss her sweet post and creative projects.

I have big plans for making 2010 so lets up it will be a great year.

Thanks again for everything and Happy New Years.


  1. meow, i'm still here. things ebb and flow... just put something fun on the needles and enjoy the feel of the stitches under your fingers.


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