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Monday, February 15, 2010

kitty: Knitting Olympics 2010

Vancouver Shrimp and Day 2 of my olympic knitting!

Yes I may have totally lost my mind, but MG and I are continuing our Knitting Olympic tradition and knitting again for 2010 Winter Olympics. Four years ago while in San Fran we cast on together for my very first lace project. (Feb 2006 post from MG & myself) This olympics was suppose to be my first colourwork garment, but I wasn't able to find chunky yarn that wasn't scratchy in time.

So I found something quickly in the closet that hit the gauge of a sweater I have wanted to knit for awhile, 8 RAFFINIERT - Lila Pulli im Look von Vivienne Westwood. I would be lying if the project is that much of a challenge to knit since I am already on ball 4 as of tonight, when my goal was 1 ball a night and I missed night 1. So the challenge will be to find the time to knit it in the days ahead. I basically have spent the weekend in bed with a migraine so had some knitting time.

Photo goodies from M's Flickr:
Photo Vancouver Shrimp - Photos 2 - Photo of Valentine's Dinner

1 comment:

  1. hooray Olympic knitting! finding time for knitting in your life is a most worthy goal.

    i'm in love with that pin.