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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

kitty: Food for thought

Photo captured from CNN news cast - China's famed Pearl River under denim threat

While working last night, I caught this news piece on CNN International. It really gave me a lot of pause. Though I have never been blind to the hazards of chemicals and dyes used in the textile industry seeing this aerial view of the Pearl River really horrified me. Then they were showing shots of what few fish were still left in the river and the colours they had become from all the textile and large industry.

Maybe we should all think a minute before throwing out that perfectly good pair of jeans for updated looks. In this throw away society I think we all forget about what we are doing to the world.

Or maybe just take a minute and watch the video. Or look at the news about China's sandstorms that are hitting even Japan and South Korea caused by the Cashmere industry.

OK Stepping off my soap box now.... Knitting content to return


  1. oh yeah i totally agree! we all need a little reminder every time we take out that wallet. i've been buying used/vintage items for the past couple of years and tried my best to bring old clothes to recycling center.

    we all really need to care more!

  2. Oh, horrible.

    What issues with KV? I don't use it much.