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Friday, April 16, 2010

kitty: Sakura... Sakura... Sakura... Sakura Textured Shawl Recipe

Sakura... Sakura... Sakura Textured Shawl
(The flower in the photo is actually a plum. My Sakura trees are in bud still.)
Pattern: Textured shawl recipe
Fiber:Avril 1ply Silk and Wool
Colour: Sakura Leaves
Dyed by: Barefoot Shepherdess

Last year MG gave me two bundles of amazing fiber to spin for my birthday that had been dyed with the leaves of a Sakura. I absolutely fell in love with the colour and thought it was one of the pretties colours I had ever seen. So MG let me know whom she had ordered the fiber from and I went to check out her etsy store, Barefoot Shepherdess. (blog - etsy)

I immediately ordered almost all the rest of the sakura roving and a hank of her yarn. I had wanted to make a shawl for a friend's birthday and thought it would be perfect. Even though I have had the yarn for a long time I still was sadly a month late getting her, her shawl. Sorry Vanessa, I feel really bad about it being late. It arrived yesterday so I can post photos finally.

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It is another version of the Textured Shawl Recipe. I went through all the patterns that she faved on ravelry and this was one of the ones on her list. :) Textured Shawl recipe remains one of my favorite patterns; I think this is version 4 that I have knitted in the past 12 months. Though I think I should probably find another pattern to make.


  1. Oh, you've tempted me to go take one of the remaining skeins of this yarn out of my shop! It's simply stunning-- I hope it was well-received. I'm excited to see what you will knit with the next one. ;)

  2. thank you so much! you know i've been wanting to try yuki's yarn and also make that shawl at some point..your gift is just perfect. i love it!!

    will try to take a pic of me wearing it at some point :)

  3. I seriously need to try that pattern out. You get marvelous results! The shawl is gorgeous; beautiful, clear stitch definition and color. :)