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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

kitty: Pull Kimono #012-T8-484 by Phildar Design Team

Dear Phildar,

I love your smart designs, your appreciation for the fact that women come in all sizes/shapes and if we choose to wear them no matter our size that the pattern size is available. (Unlike Vogue knitting who tells us what they think we should wear. I have chosen to boycott them, and will no longer give them my money after one of the responses to a letter they printed.)


Really, your construction at times leaves a lot to be desired and your yardage should definitely be checked.

Pull Kimono #012-T8-484 by Phildar Design Team has been off the needles for a long time, but seaming it up just seemed so daunting.

The body is finally sewn together, but I have another 103 ends left to weave in. Or not, I may get the sewing machine out and just stitch the waist band ones several time and just cut the ends off or create a placket to hide them.

So other than ends and the cuffs the sweater finally looks like a sweater vs 4 pieces gathering dust beside my bed.

Phildar in the future, please come up with something a little easier for your construction. This sweater is going back to my nightstand until I think I can face all the ends again.

Kitty Kitty



  1. fleegle fainted briefly at the tangle of loose ends. Sewing machine or fabric glue. Thumbtacks definitely won't work well. Looks wonderful, but why all the ends? How was this constructed?

  2. omg that photo is frightful. it looks like it'll be cute in the end but I would pay someone to weave in all those ends! haha

  3. It looks great, but why on earth wasn't this made to knit in the round from the armholes down? Go on, get them done, while watching TV or something. You can do it. And we all look forward to see you in it once finished!

  4. It dous look gorgous. But all the ends?! OMG!

  5. Can you tell me where you got a Phildar Design Team pattern? I can't find them anywhere!