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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

kitty: Issey Miyake to receive Japan's Order of Culture honor by the Emperor Akihito at the Imperial Palace

I feel like I am really going to date myself here, but I remember back to when I was a young kid on Saturday morning I had a date to watch Style with Elsa Klensch on CNN at 10:30 est. I wish the show was still on, I miss not getting my Saturday morning fashion fix.

At that point in my life it was the best introduction I had to world of designers and couture. I quickly developed my favorites, some have passed away, others have declared bankruptcy, and a few have survived.

There was always one designer that truly stood out and always fascinated me to no end, Issey Mikaye. I would spend hours trying to figure out the construction in my mind. Wondering how the shapes were even humanly possible to create.

This November 3, marks a momentous event in Issey Mikaye career. He will receive Japan's Order of Culture honor by the Emperor Akihito at the Imperial Palace. I can not think of a designer that deserves it more for all that he has accomplished during his career.

Words from the master to WWD.....

"I see this decoration as a form of encouragement to all the people with whom I work," Miyake tells WWD. "This includes not only our young designers but also those in the textile industry: spinners, weavers, knitters and dyers all of whom are still managing to create things of beauty and quality despite very difficult economic and manufacturing conditions in [Japan]." (Vogue.com)


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  1. What a generous statement Miyake made, and how wonderful that he acknowledged crafters - knitters!

    I loved Style with Elsa Klensch too. Strangely, fashion is disappearing from TV. Remember when the Style Channel used to feature all the runway shows during NY Fashion Week? Sigh...