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Monday, October 18, 2010

kitty: wonders of fiber - Wisteria Yarn / Fujifu Fabric

One of the reason that I have been totally obsessed with Habu yarns is the use of unusual fibers and the hand spun quality of so many of there yarns. When thinking about it thought, it is more the use of from what seems like to a westerner such unusual fibers. Over the weekend Sri Threads posted about a fiber that I had never heard of so I really want to do some more research about it. Here is at least a quick look see what I came up with through google.
丹後藤布 Tangofujifu Tango Fujifu (Tango Wisteria Cloth)
A Work Coat Woven from Wisteria Yarn
Sir Threads

Wisteria Yarn / Fujifu Fabric

From the Tango region of Japan, yarn spun from the vines of wisterias.


  1. Interesting. Another wagon to fall off of?

  2. Glad you liked the shawl! I really enjoyed knitting it, even though I am still picking up beads weeks later. I had a bead container malfunction. Twice.