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Sunday, December 26, 2010

kitty: mittens for MG

Name: Mittens for MG
Designer: Ysolda Teague
Pattern : Snapdragon flip-tops
Fiber: Malabrigo Yarn Merino Worsted
Needle: 3.25mm & 3.0

Sorry for such a bad photos, but as we all know red is just about impossible to photograph and have it come across correctly. Though in my defense the photo up above was taken as MG was walking into the house minutes before she received her mittens. So it wasn't ideal lighting either.

MG has been ridding her bike to her classes and I have been really worried about her little fingers getting to cold. So I thought she needed a new pair of mittens for Christmas. I fear they are to big for her even though I used her brother as a model (M's hands are smaller than mine). But it is the thought that counts right... (cry... I really did want them to be perfect)

Snapdragon Flip Tops is an adorable pattern. I lengthened the cabeling since I knew she wanted longer cuffs and I changed how the points of the mittens were done. While I was in London last week, I searched for two cool buttons at Liberty and Loop, but none were to bad had. So to finish it off , I went through my vintage button collection and found 2 sets of buttons to use on the cuffs.

(iphone photos taken in the middle of the night)


  1. Sweet! Hope you had a yarnful Christmas!

  2. please do not insult my mittens; they fit just fine. they hug my wrists well. cute long cuffs, cute buttons, cute button loops. <3

  3. Awww.. what beautiful gloves! I hope you had a lovely Christmas!