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Monday, December 27, 2010

kity: my mind was plotting in the wee hours of Boxing Day

Hope everyone had an amazing boxing day.

Mine started out rather oddly. You know that dream state where your mind is wide awake but technically you are still sounds asleep? Well my mind had an idea to get up instantly to sew a skirt. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't turn my mind off or even get it to stop running through fabric combinations, skirt shapes, and designs.

So this was essentially what my mind wanted me to do on Boxing day.

Skirt Shape Fabric that would need to be created
Base Skirt Colour (Though probably a little bit darker, but in a lightweight linen wool) Fabrics used for the geometric patterns. Though I would need a lot more yellow and red and solids. (Quarters were bought from a friend's amazing fabric destash)

As you can imagine my mind did not win, since I doubt there was a fabric store open on sunday locally that would have come close to being able to match the treasures from Australia. Nor does anyone sell real linen locally even in the summer.

My mind hadn't done that in a long time, that was how my creative processes use to work when it came to design. But I guess my mind hasn't been so relaxed in awhile or maybe it was the Nyquil/fever haze since I have been really sick.

I did get a little spinning in yesterday and a little plying since all my bobbins are full.

Happy Belated Boxing Day!

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