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Thursday, January 06, 2011

kitty: Blackthorn Needles - review

Over the last couple of months there seems to have been a lot of buzz going on about the Blackthorn Needles. I picked up a pair in November since as we all know I cannot resist new brands of DPN's or vintage ones that I haven't tried before. The fact that they are made out of Carbon really intrigued me. Though I have to admit the first time I read that I was wondering if the carbon would rub off on the yarn (It doesn't of course.)

The needles are interesting to say the least. The points are amazing. The shafts are very sturdy, even with my tight grip I don't feel like I am going to snap them in half. Did I mention the points? Ok.. I digress on that one.

My problem with them too be honest is that they feel sticky and have to much grip for me. Since I am a thrower and slider by nature I found it really bothersome to physically have to stop and move my stitches up. I could see this as a big benefit if I was working with a really slick yarn that falls off the needle, but not for a merino wool as pictured above.

They are also available in teeny tiny sizes and small sizes. 0000 - 4 US and 4,6, and 8 inches long. Being available in such small sizes is something that will get me to buy another pair even with the grippyness dislike. I just wish they were available in 0000 circulars with a Holtz & Stein type join.

Blackthorn Needles
Teeny Tiny Sizes
0000, 000, 00, 0 0 US
Small Sizes
1,2,3,4 - US


  1. I made a pair of them into circs. I don't like the way they feel--gritty. The slight screech they make when they touch is annoying, too. But the points are wonderful!

  2. I had not heard of these before a few seconds ago but I do know that I wouldn't like the stickiness either. I'm not a throw knitter, I'm more a lever action English knitter with my left hand and the stickiness would impede my progress greatly.

    Thanks for the review!

  3. Thanks for the review. The "grippy" part is off-putting, as I knit just like you do. I'll pass on these.

  4. I only recently heard about these needles and will probably buy the tiny sizes just because I can't get them otherwise, but after reading your review I am not sure they will be right for me. Like you, I am a thrower and find grabby needles bothersome, in fact my favorite needles are the regular Addi Turbo (not Addi Lace). The only problem I have with the Addi Turbo is that metal needles reflect light in a way that bothers my eyes and I tried several wood and bamboo needles to obviate that, but they all grab the yarn too much for my taste.

    It's awesome that we have access to so many kind of needles these days, don't you think? Our grandmothers could not afford the luxury to knit for pleasure and certainly could not get their hands on such luxuries. I love that we can worry about the best needles.

  5. New to sock knitting and I absolutely love them! I like that they are a bit grippy. I knit in continental style and don't mind at all having to move the stitches up. I think they are elegant and so far, my favorite double point needle. I have bought sizes 0-2 and treasure them. Just thought I'd add another viewpoint from a novice sock knitter, but long-time knitter.