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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

kitty: loving the fabric....

Pattern : Garter Stitch
Fiber: Lorna's Lace
Needle: 2.25mm

This yarn was in my destash box that I have been meaning to list since before the holidays. Colourwise it really isn't me at this point of my life, but I really love the fabric that it created on 2.25mm needles. Not being a big fan of garter stitch this really surprised me.


  1. Oh I love it - it's so vibrant and happy. Sometimes you don't need fancy stitch work - just let the yarn speak for itself with a garter or stockinette stitch.

  2. I think it's pretty. But I love purple in any incarnation.

  3. Loving the fabric too! It just look so comfy and refreshing. I adore purple really and get stunned every time I encounter such color especially when it is blended with colors that truly matched its glowing scheme. And your talent for knitting is a one of a kind stuff so keep it up and keep up producing for great collection. I'll be very glad to check for your updates.