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Friday, February 11, 2011

kitty: homework.... part 2 my inspiration board

Images used for inspiration:

Sky and Water II 1938 woodcut - Echer
Doric Columns 1945 wood engraving - Echer
Metamorphosis III 1967-1968 - Echer
Doric Columns and the Doric Order of Classical Architecture


My shawl is coming along fairly well. I hit a major snag last night because I ran out of colour 3 in pattern 4 of the linen. So I had to order more yarn from Linnet. Thankfully they actually had the same colour. I know the dye lot will be wrong, but I didn't have a lot of choice. Linnet seems to never really have a full stock on any of there threads and I never catch it when my favorite colours are in stock.

Above is the inspiration board that I did for the design and a rough sketch of how I wanted the columns and the cubes to flow and morph into each other. The idea is a play on l ines/ columns and varations of the cube and how it moves or morphs.

Here is how far I am on the first version of the shawl. I am up to row 96 and on the 4th pattern.

Since I ran out of yarn I started another version last night to test the pattern. I am using Wollmeise that I picked up at The Loop in London.

Not sure how the pattern will turn out, but I am currently really liking how the pattern is moving along. The whole process is making me happy and I am learning a lot.

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