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Friday, May 06, 2011

kitty: one week latter...

It is hard to believe a week ago today I was caught up in the Royal Wedding frenzy. I was cooking up a storm, throwing a tea party, swooning over all the hats and fascinators and sitting on pins and needles waiting for the 2 kisses. Yes, if you didn't know it before now I am totally royal obsessed. One of my little collections is even Royal memorabilia plates and glasses.

Check out some of the other examples of Royal Memorabilia available on the collectable market:

Princess Diana and Prince Charles Wedding Plates - Worthpoint
Queen Elizabeth Plates - Worthpoint
Queen Victoria Plates - Worthpoint
HRH Prince William - Worthpoint

So the 28th I spent most of the day cooking up a storm for a tea party to start around 4:00 am. 7 Savories and 8 Sweets.
And I am still working on left overs a week latter.

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  1. I am impressed by the amount of work you must have put in for this royal tea party. It looks scrumptious.