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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Kitty: Sockapal-2-za update

photo 1 , photo 2, photo 3, photo 4

Sockapal-2-za update!

Ok... so may be I have posted a few to many pictures of just my one sock, but it looks like a sock. It looks like a real sock someone could wear. I did it, and it has a gusset heel and everything. I will try to contain myself now. IT’S A SOCK!!!!!! Deep breaths, Deep breaths......You can click on the little photos to see their big friends.

Thanks Mia, you were right I did have enough yarn. Though it was really really insanely close, 42 inches of yarn left after sewing in the toe. Also thanks mom for just telling me to do it.

I think it is really awesome that Knitbuddies is knitting socks right now. MG and her lovely stripy sock for her hubby and my sockapal-2-za sock are on their way to completion. It's so much fun when you can call your knit buddy and express your fears or excitement since you are working on the same type of project.

Though my husband is very jealous of this sock. Last night he told me that his socks feel like chop liver. The sock I am working on has a real heel and everything. Then he told me that his sock feels substandard. He was so cute about it. Even with big brown puppy dog eyes that are guaranteed to make me weak. So I guess I need to make him some more white socks with heels. Probably easier than finding the mystery white cotton that is 4.75 st to an inch. I have looked for the last six months for stark white cotton to make him a sweater. You wouldn't think that would be a hard request, but I have found nothing no matter what the price range.

PS: If you are wondering, I collect old wooden shoe forms. Unfortunately the Victorian foot was a lot smaller than most average women's feet today. The photo outside has the largest one I own, but the toes stop before the toe decrease. So I had to fluff it some at the tip. Or maybe it is a sock ghost. :) The top photo has a child's Victorian shoe form from my collection.



  1. Chop liver - too funny! It is a great looking sock!

  2. Looks great...do you think a regular adjustable shoe form would work...I have been hijacking other peoples feet as mine are just too big to try on my sockpals socks????

  3. great socks! and the colorway is wonderful.

  4. Hi Christine,

    Well, I would say any reason to buy a shoe form is a good one. :)

    I have an old adjustable one, the nice thing about it is you can block the sock on the shoe form. If you need to stretch out a pair of socks for yourself you can always put liquid sizing on it and then stretch out the form.

    Though hijacking people's feet around you sounds like so much more fun. :)

  5. Thanks Alison and Amanda....

  6. Nice, nice, sock! It looks marvelous! Good job! Is this your first sock? Did you use cascade fixation?

  7. Hi Barbara

    Thank you! Technically it is my first pair of socks with a real heal. The first pair of socks I made were tube socks for my husband. So this is really my first real sock.

    Yep, I used Cascade Fixation. I loved it though I almost ran out of yarn.

  8. Really Nice First Sock. I wish my first looked that good.

    Hope the second goes that well!

  9. The socks look great. I love that Broadripple pattern, and I really like the way that color knitted up.

    As for husband socks--I won't make any for mine. He manages to wear holes into his socks much too quickly. :)