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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Kitty: I am knitting, I promise

I am knitting, honest I promise I reall am knitting. Just seem like there are too few hours in the day. The phildar is crawling and I have found so many mistakes in the pattern it isn't even funny, so that has been set to knitting when I feel brave. I also need to start the next sock, but that doesn't seem that exciting to me right now. I know if I want to finish the second sock it will take two days and then I will have my new house socks, but but but. So I will give you a little sneak peak on my next project.

Remember the wonderful gift that MG gave me when I saw her this summer? The three skeins of Jacob Sheep she spun to my special order. Well I finally got around to washing it to set it and rolled it up on the yarn winder. I am thinking it is destined to either a really bulky scrug, cardigan, or scarf.


So with all this wonderful talk of winter soups and stew, I just had to share my bowl of Pho. Linda from Two sticks & some yarn listed her favorite soup as Pho on the Thinking of Fall contest and it inspired the meal to the left.

MG, would tell you that Mac and I scare most people with our ability to eat soup. We will fix a pot at the beginning of the week and then eat the exact same thing for basically the rest of the week. Not the most exciting thing, but when your options are eating out or eating the same thing it is more economical.



  1. mmm, soup. right now, it sounds very good.

    pretty yarn!

  2. I'm not sure why but the photos won't come through for me. I bet your pho was wonderful. Each bowl is slightly different from the last depending on how much lime, hoison, hot peppers you add - I think that keeps it interesting :)

  3. eouch, sorry to hear bout the phildar. that bowl of soup looks good especially since my office is so cold now. brrr