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Friday, May 05, 2006

kitty: Thank you- you are right I still have a lot of sparkle!

Photo - Papyrus Greeting Card

I have to thank a very old friend for third coolest greeting cards I think I have ever received.

Even from the early days I have had a great weakness when it comes to the mention of Pearly Kings and Queens. I have always been at marvel at the magnificent suits, hats, dresses. Garments that were covered with the mystical symbols of; suns, flowers, stars, moons, diamonds, hereditary shields, trees of life, eyes of gods, and fertility designs covered in 30,000 buttons.

I have even gone so far to actually sit down and sketch out and graph out my own design for a pearly jacket. Now I just need those oh........ 58, 914 buttons of different size to complete it. I spent a lot of time researching the design patterns for a research project when I was in college. So it is definitely one of those fantasy projects.

Pearly Society - Pearly Kings and Queens - Historic Pearly Kings and Queens - Mark Goldstein Photographs of Pearly Kings and Queens

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