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Monday, May 01, 2006

MG: melange

knitting a few rows here and there to comfort myself. this is version two of my vesper socks--simple toe-up, short-row, stocking stitch. hubby calls them my bok choy socks.

needed good mojo; made my charm with a coastal redwood seed cone and black seam binding. the cone has since dried brown with open scales. not as pretty now but still i like it. what is it about physical manifestations of psychological struggles?

hubby made me three little egg planters. pin prick the top; make a larger hole at the bottom. blow out egg. clean. fill with dirt and seeds. seal bottom with wax and a piece of paper. i got to crack them open with a spoon. a most delightful present. awaiting my sprouts with totoro thoughts. yume da kedo... yume zya nakatta.


  1. I love the bok choy socks! And the egg planters are so sweet.

  2. Lovely! You do like eggs, don't you? What a sweet present; I'd be so touched if someone made something like that for me! Thank you for the link to My Neighbor Totoro. I loved Spirited Away; Howl's Moving Castle less but I've been looking for more Miyazaki films and finding them difficult to get my mitts on; I hadn't thought of looking on Wikipedia. Cool socks too, what are the stitch markers for?