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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

kitty: ah......

That pretty much sums up how I feel!
Holiday Knitting Report!
Something for Mom - Just need to weave in the ends
Something for MG - Well I know what I want it to be, does that count?
Something for Mia - Well the yarn has been spun, but um, still need to ply and oh knit it. I even started before Thanksgiving
White Sweater for M - Yarn and pattern in hand
Knit the center of a table cloth that looks like a snowflake, take a photo, print, and mail Christmas Cards
  ......Oh and finish a project by the 28th that has M and I working 20 hour days

So, know you know why I feel like Kattie up above. Where has all the time gone this year. And this bloody warm weather really isn't helping to get any of us in the Chirstmas Spirit.

Geuss things will just get done late or I could go with less sleep...I look at all the sites where people have loads of stuff completed and ready to be sent out and I feel like such a slacker this year.

Here is a fun link to share with you:

I was surfing around on Shanghai Tang, for last minute gifts and came across this totally awesome sweater. Check out the needles and ball of yarn. I thought it was totally awesome.

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  1. I think finishing the project by the 28th comes first. MG, M, and I all understand. And M is definitely working on the forgiveness factor with his present to you.

    And what I have finished is hats. The socks will not be done in time. I am thinking of another pair of socks for you in the new year so you have something to look for too.....