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Thursday, December 21, 2006

kitty: weave, weave, weave

In an ideal world, there would be:

Time to Weave
Time to Spin
Time to Knit
Time to Dye
Time to learn
Time to travel the world to explore new crafts ......

The harsh reality is there are never enough hours in the day to explore every dream one has. Though I am certainly glad that I have started to weave.

I have definitely deiced that there is a loom in my future. I am not sure I am ready to invest in a new one, but my weaving teacher is keeping the eyes out for me for a good used one.

There is something magical about the fact that by just setting at a loom you can make fabric. I don't think anyone who weaves will ever look at a bolt of fabric the same way. To see groups of strings being lifted and dropped and a piece of cloth is being born before your eyes.

Ahhhhh..Fabric..... weave, weave, weave...

Not the most exciting weave structure in the world. Just a simple plain weave that has twill woven stripes. I wanted to start with something really simple so I could really concentrate on learning the fundamentals, but using amazing fibers.

Two more photo links for you: Click Here - Click Here

Updated: As Mia pointed out, M is getting me a loom For Christmas. It was going to be a surprise, but I kind of ended up finding out about it. :) So there definitely will be a loom in my future, I just have to be patient. Unless I can find room for 45"*37" in my office.


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  1. Why don't you tell the truth and admit that you know what you are getting for Christmas? But I still say that M is bad ;) And I dare you to show online a picture of what I sent you for him.....