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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

kitty: you know, knitting hits main stream when...

one of the commercials during a J-Pop Awards Show is......
...the hair growth results vary with individuals
(loosely translated)
(Images captured from the commercial that aired during, The Best Artist 2006 show, Nov 29, 2006 in Japan.)

Yes, that's right, the Prince of Knitting is doing a Hair Loss commercial that is getting pretty expensive air time. The Best Artist 2006 is a show about best musical artist during 2006 voted on by 16million fans.

Here are a few links to read more about the Prince of knitting:


  1. ROFL...... Knitting and hair loss, go figure!

  2. At least it is a a non-fatting addiction. But we need to get you out more :)