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Saturday, December 04, 2010

kitty: concentric "Preppy" socks

Name: Concentric Socks "Concentric Preppy Socks"
Designer: Carissa Browning
Pattern: Concentric Sock Ravelry
Yarn: From the Stash

MG and I were on a hunt for socks to start over the holiday. So I started a little holiday knitting for Mia, she had requested a new pair of socks for Christmas. I searched through my sock yarn stash to look for a self stripping yarn and found very few that looked like her. So this was the closest in the stash. Not sure what the yarn is, the label has vanished.

Concentric Sock Pattern is interesting. I like the concept of allowing stripes on a bias to wrap around the foot. Though the the fit seems a little odd. There are odd loose spots at times around the foot. Bottom line I really thought the pattern was fun and it is my first toe up sock.

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