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Sunday, December 05, 2010

kitty: summer tee.... finally completed

How about this... Two knitting post pretty much back to back. I know that this blog has suffered much this year from lack of post and lack of knitting. Thank you for all the people who keep coming back to visit the blog. I really appreciate your friendship.


Name: Summer Tee
Designer: Priscilla Meredith
Pattern : Personal
Fiber: Habu Textiles A-1 2/17 Tsumugi Silk
In many ways I really couldn't be happier on how the sweater ended up. I am so proud of how my first colour work garment ended up. Yes there are tons of wonky stitches but I really didn't think that I could do colour work that wasn't twinned. The A-1 was pretty forgiving and I was able to use up a lot of stash yarn so it is helping my out of control stash.
The two sleeves are composed of multiple patterns that appear in the Spring 2011 Missoni Men's wear collection.


  1. It's really stunningly gorgeous!! The colorwork is flawless. But your timing could use some work (fleegle wraps three afghans around her and sips hot chocolate because it's freezing here!

  2. Lovely! Your colorwork is really amazing and I probably never would have put those two colors together before I saw how well they worked here! Gives me some ideas!

  3. Its gorgeous you did a terrific job I like the color combo & the sleeve patterning is great.