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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

MG: Karenina sleeves

hello there. i ran away on a little trip--traveling meant airplane knitting, which meant a less tedious journey and this:

it's one of the dishcloths for hubby's mom. made out of KnitPicks Shine; 60% cotton and 40% modal; color of butter; soft soft soft and squishy like marshmallows; simple eyelets in garter background. hubby's mom is a quilter, so i thought she would enjoy a geometric pattern.

there is another ball in the color sky waiting to be a dishcloth. plans were for twin cloths in different colors, but after seeing Kitty Kitty's beautiful stitchwork, i'm discontent. now i'm thinking something different, maybe a fancy stitch pattern i've not tried before.

Karenina--the little cardigan of my own construction--is progressing enjoyably. design, knit, design, knit, rip, redesign, knit. structually, it's working out not a little like the celebrated One Skein Wonder, which is lovely because i love the OSW. procedurally, it's quite different; i hope it works out well. first pass at the sleeves (a free-floating arm!):

three-quarter length, straight tube (no decreases) on minicircs, and eight rows of 2-by-2 ribbing at the cuff. it looks unfinished and loosey-goosey to me.

i've ripped back to add decreases for a slight taper and a picked-up, ribbed edging for some shape.


  1. i love those little circular needles - have to try them out some day, they look so sweet and i've decided dpns and me just don't get along ;)

  2. hehe i have to say I really like ur pumkins! So kawaii! Love to see ur finished FO. Sounds like a nice one.