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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

kitty: #46 socks - tuesday update

Sock #46: P's Footies
Completion date: June 4, 2007
Yarn: On Line - Supersocke Cotton - Beach Color
Colour: 944
Content: 40% Wool, 45% cotton, 15% polyamide - bought though from Knitting Merchantile
Pattern: My Own

It is hard to believe that I have knit 15 singles since MG and I started our 52 Sock challenge for this year. I have to say that there probably will not be a sock update next week because I am feeling a little burned out. Yes I have been knitting other things as well as socks, but they are starting to stress me out a tad.

Feeling stressed out was certainly not helped by the fact that my first pair of toe up socks didn't turn out well and are really sloppy. Several things; my short rows need lots of help, I disliked the extra ridge it created in the heel, and for me at least there is less personal satisfaction knitting toe up. When I turn the heal on top down I know there are 8 more inches to knit no more and no less and it will take me 1 evening to do it. With toe up I felt no reward or personal satisfaction in the process.

So to take the pressure of myself I decided to take this next week off from sock knitting and maybe the following since my house will soon be filled with lots of family. I think I need to do some soul sock searching these next two weeks.

Here is a photo of my sloppy short rows. I am really not sure what I did wrong. The heel is from a Weldon's Practical Needlework Magazine.

On a Side note: I really cannot say enough about how much I like this yarn. It has a really beautiful hand and knits up beautifully. (Excluding my sloppy short rows.) I originally picked it up because a friend of a friend had asked me to knit them a pair of socks and I said yes. The colours were definitely her colours and I though she would really like the yarn. One thing lead to another and the socks ended up being a test for toe up. Obviously I am not giving her this pair, but I will definitely be buying this yarn to knit her a pair sometime this summer. It makes a great summer sock and a bargin as well!
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1 comment:

  1. We will have to arrange a lesson in short row heels for you. There is plenty of satisfaction in knitting toe up socks. I will have to send you a pattern or toe that you will like. And if you really don't like them, I know some one who has the same size foot as you do...... Just saying.....

    And since you are going to take a break that will give MG and I a chance to catch up. Now it is time to go and clean the house again. If yo need a place to temporarily hide the sock stash, I can always find room for more sock yarn..... Or do you need more sock yarn?