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Monday, April 28, 2008

kitty: 52 sock pack wrap up... 11.5 socks

It is hard to believe that a year ago this week MG and I made a pack to knit 52 socks during the course of a year. Our start date was MS&W and our end date is this years MS&W. I fear I have failed. My grand total is 11.5 socks during this past year.

Sock #1 - Broken Rib in Apple Laine - Apple Pie

Sock #2 - Happy Birthday in unknown

Sock #3 - Jaywalkers in Sweet Georgia

Sock #4 - Twisted Flower Sock Pattern in Louet Gems Pearl

Sock # 5- Jaywalkers in Sweet Georgia

Sock # 6 - Generic Sock

Sock # 7 - M's Sport Sock

Sock #8 - P's Footies

Sock #9 - Olga's Knee Highs

Sock # 10 - Lily's Hidden Garden Socks

Sock #11 - Jaywalkers in Wollmeise

Sock #12 - Lily's Hidden Garden Socks (not finished)

Though during the course of the year I realized that knitting 52 socks was becoming more like a job then the joy that I thought it would be. I found myself just becoming stressed out over the hole 52 sock pack. I still feel really accomplished for knitting almost 12 socks. I feel proud of myself. Though far from the 52 I had planned.

Though I did continue to acquire a ton of amazing sock yarns. :) So many socks await me in my future. I will get to the 52 socks eventually.


  1. They are all lovely! Knitting shouldn't be work, though. If you aren't enjoying it, don't do it! And 52 socks in a year does seem like a chore.

  2. I am afraid that Harry is just refusing to return them because I can't get his sauna fixed.